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About your Hollywood rant, I completely agree with you on that! Another thing that pisses me off about the movie industry is all the fucking sequels being made. They just make them for the sake of milking the cash cow on certain franchises & they turn out like complete shit, especially to movies that don't even need a sequel in the first place!

Seriously, who the fuck thought Donnie Darko was a movie that required a sequal?

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Beating that dead horse again.

This is what happiness looks like.

Fuck this, I need to shave.

Fucking summer claims another beard

Ok, Internet. The Homework For Tonight Is…

Learning the fucking difference between a fedora and a trilby.

You dumb bastards.

Fuck you and your lack of hat knowledge.

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When was the last time you were in a proper physical brawl?

2 years ago.

It’s the classic story really. You’re on the bus and a bunch of track-suited 18 year olds get on. They don’t like your long hair or your t-shirt with skulls on it, they decide to pick a fight and before you know it you’re forced to defend yourself while remaining in your seat and kicking wildly at faces.

The worst part was that I was kicked off the bus too and the bastards decided to try again once we were off a moving vehicle. I’d be angrier about this memory if it wasn’t for the fact that this was one of the silliest moments of my life. Seriously, the three of them fought like 4 year olds playing dinosaurs.

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I am so fucking smug that I got to see Carnivore before Pete died that I wanna beat myself up.

Anonymous asked:
For a man who doesn't like fighting, you certainly do wish violence on a lot of people.

It’s not so much the act of fighting that I hate, it’s the consequences. I am a fairly big person and it is not some testosterone fueled delusion I’m having when I say I can cause serious physical harm to someone if I’m careless. I would not want to live with the fact that I destroyed someone’s life. But, violence is part of the human condition so I often get the urge to crush someone’s head with my arse.

Better to air out my feelings here and hope that someone else kicks their ass, ya know? I might not want to deal with the consequences of a hurting someone, but I still want that person injured.

Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about people who say "YOLO"

Man, woman or child, if you say that in my presence all I will be able to think about is grafting a severed cock to your forehead. 

For that is what you are, you fucking cockhead.

@newwavenyarlathotep said: i say lol at loud. i also pronounce it like “lull”. i am a horrible, horrible person.

Stand still, I wish to throw rocks at you.

Really starting to hate people who use text acronyms in a spoken conversation.
Why the fuck would you say LOL?! 
Just fucking laugh!


Contrary to popular belief, I am not a misanthrope. I am actually quite fond of the world and the people in it. How could I not? They make all the shit I like. How could I possibly hate a world where people give me art and sex?

That’s just insane!

But, I am extremely hostile towards individuals within humanity. I won’t hate the world because theres an asshole in it. Only a complete dickhead or a teenager throwing a tantrum would go to that extreme. I mean, what kind of brain dead gimp would use the experiences they’ve had with a handful of people and use that for the basis of a hatred? Who is that much of a dumb cunt? Who is that much of a weak minded arsehole? Seriously? ohwaitimontumblrnevermind

I am a happy friendly teddy bear of a man… who does not suffer fools and derives an extreme joy from their suffering. 

Story time

Once upon a time, someone told me I had “swag”.

I kicked them in the chest.

The end.

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undie pics please

This is as good as you’re gonna get, anon.image