Never try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
Al Bundy

So, people are still banging on about that whole “safe place” on the internet bullshit, eh?

That’s never gonna happen, kids. Unless, ya know, you get rid of all the people. You dumb bastards… 

Sometimes the only thing you can do is jut go back to bed and hope the world changes while you were sleeping.

Anonymous asked:
On a scale from from tinfoil to meteorite, how metal would you say you are?

Adamantium, BITCH.

You know what sucks about being in a modern death metal band? Regardless if you’re good or not, the moment kids under the age of 18 start liking you, you suddenly become lame. You don’t change your musical style. In fact, you change fucking nothing. But the moment you become popular with a younger audience you suddenly lose your appeal to the people who are actually old enough to attend your shows.

That has got to suck.

68 plays Elegy Fleshgod Apocalypse Labyrinth
36 plays Putrid Intercourse Convulse World Without God

"Putrid intercourse", I can think of entire relationships that I could call that.

Well, that was a shitty couple of days even by my jaded standards.

So, today is a day for extremely aggressive music.

2 plays Deathsomnia Black Anvil Time Insults The Mind
Anonymous asked:
Opinion of 4chan?

I never had an opinion of them. But, with the plague of SJW political correctness, I’m glad someone is pissing in someone’s cornflakes.

Just wish it was from people who already didn’t have such a bad reputation. Just makes SJWs look like the victim and we all know how much those cunts love to be the victim.

You know what fucking sucks about having religious relatives? You can get fucked over by random chance and they’ll still say you brought it on yourself. “You made God angry, that’s why you’re in the hospital”.

Just….. FUCK

Right, I think I have had a day that I am well in my rights to bitch and moan about.
Woke up at 6 this morning with horrible pain in my back and shoulder, roll out of bed, fumble the lights on and there’s a fucking wasp in my bed sheets. Long story short, I’m allergic to the bastards and there was a trip to the hospital.
I just want to light as many wasps as I can on fire.



Can I get a heavy version of This is Halloween by a band that isn’t fucking shit?

Okay lets get avenged sevenfold to do a cover

By a band that ISN’T shit* 

tolkien-cthulhu-deathmetal asked:
Listen to the Powerglove version of This is Halloween, if you haven't already

I did. But, despite that they’re not shit, I don’t count instrumentals.

Can I get a heavy version of This is Halloween by a band that isn’t fucking shit?