10 plays 44 Caliber Brain Surgery Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence

And the award for best song title ever written goes to…

8 plays Human Butcher Blood Vomit Up From The Grave

I was once told that I’d outgrow this kind of music. 

Half way to 50 and still listening, bitch!

12 plays Reborn In Damnation Biomechanical Cannibalised

Might not be for everyone, but I defy you to not let yourself get carried away by that balls out drum beat.

No matter how bad my day goes and no matter how shitty I feel about myself, at least I can say I’m not the drunk guy who hits on the bartender.

Dude, go the fuck home.

jemeperds asked:
What does a roady actually do? I've never quite got this

There’s two main types of roady: House crew, who work for the venue, and road crew, who work for the band. I’m house crew, it’s essentially my job to set up the stage, the light rigging and occasionally the venue’s effects. Sometimes it’d be my job to assemble a stage for larger shows.

Road crew works directly with the band for things like instrument tuning, sound check and loading in gear.

Anonymous asked:
do you have a job?

I’m an independent contractor specializing in musical events.

A roady.

You mention that you like a few anime shows once and suddenly everyone thinks you’re a friggin’ otaku.

Bitch, I am way too into other shit to be pigeonholed as an otaku. Piss off, I am not “one of you”.

Anonymous asked:

Still ain’t gotta uterus.

Anonymous asked:
Oh holy shit you're devastating. Have my babies <3

I don’t have a uterus.

Anonymous asked:
When you go on a date do you insist on walking the girl home?

If she lives near by, yes. If not, I’ll take her to her bus stop or keep her company while she gets a taxi. But, only if she wants me to.

Good manners or not, I am not going to go fucking miles out of my way to make sure she get’s to her front door.

Anonymous asked:
I can only imagine how amazing drunk sex with you would be.

Just imagine a 96 kg Irishman flopping around on top of you speaking nothing but gibberish.

Anonymous asked:
Are there any other anime series you like besides berserk?

Well, my love of berserk is pretty much just an extension of my love for high fantasy in general. So, I’m really quite fond of anime and manga like Claymore, Rune Soldier, occasionally Slayers and I’ve been known to read Sorcerer hunters from time to time and laugh my bollocks off.

Anime/manga in general there’s just a multitude of shit I grew up watching and reading. If you ever need a few recommendations for ultra violent anime from the 80s/90s, that’s something I can most definitely help you with. 

Anonymous asked:
My god, you are art, completely fantastic.

HA! Oh god, the museum that has that sort of art on display must be awesome.

Thank you, m’dear.