Anonymous asked:
How do I be like you? I'm not being some sycophant, I just want to know how I can display even an iota of the confidence you possess.

It all comes from accepting who you are as a person. All your flaws, all the shit you want to a change and realizing that those flaws are what make you you. You are who you are and that will never change. So, you better learn to love what you have. Lie about it until you believe it if you have to.

So, it would appear that the ice bucket challenge has made it to Ireland and a bunch of my friends have done…

I have a feeling this will not end well for me…

Seeing as the usual level of internet bullshit seems to have risen sharply in the last while, I believe that tomorrow night I’m gonna go get wrecked.

No really, I am going to invoke the power of my inner 18 year old and wreck Dublin city center. I am in dire fucking need of self destructive behavior and poor life decisions.

Is there a reason that tumblr thinks that every relationship has to be romantic? Do you think platonic love is a myth? That all friendships have an undercurrent of romantic feelings? Do you think that the desire for romance is the driving force behind all human interaction?

Or, are you a lonely self isolating piece of shit that needs to mentally force people into relationships for some sort of bullshit sense of validation?

Seriously, go fuck yourselves.

I’ve been sat here for the last 3 hours playing warcraft 3 and I just…

I wanna take some big wig at Blizzard hostage and fucking demand a Warcraft 4.


Silent Hill 2016

I’m pretty ambivalent about it, to be honest. Guillermo Del Toro can do atmospheric horror. He has a gift for creepy aesthetics and heavy atmosphere and, in the context of a Silent Hill game, I really think he can do something great. Hideo Kojima on the other hand… I can just imagine having the game being interrupted every 10 minutes for a visit from the fucking exposition fairy.

You have one man who knows what he’s doing in terms of horror and another one who writes goofy as all hell story structures but takes them far too seriously. I imagine the tone of this game being an inconsistent nightmare. That being said, Del Toro has been known to go off the rails with his projects too… Either way I’m kinda looking forward to seeing the end product.

Anonymous asked:
What are your thoughts on fishsticks?

I’m a gay fish.

Anonymous asked:
Are you fucking hexhypoxia?

….. yes because I have the ability to stretch my cock out over an ocean to bang someone whom I just referred to as a sister.

Fuck me, you people are fucking dumb. Is it so hard to believe that two people can just be friends?

Anonymous asked:
Have you made any friends on tumblr, or just enemies?

I haven’t made a single enemy on this site. In order for me to consider you an enemy you have to be able to at least make me feel insulted and none of the dipshits who have a problem with me on here have the mental capacity required to so much as make me lift an eyebrow.

As for friends, I met my buddy Hexhypoxia on here. She’s like the annoying hyperactive little sister I never wanted but am still fond of. 

Anonymous asked:
I just want to lick your face.

I hope you like the taste of aftershave.

Anonymous asked:

Gore? What gore? All I see is a baby doll drenched in corn syrup and ketchup.

No a trigger warning wouldn’t kill me, but it would mean that I’m assuming responsibility for a problem that is entirely yours. Bye bye.

28 plays All About You The Berzerker World Of Lies

Sometimes you just need to listen to some of the good ole ultra violence.

We’ve all gone out with a nut job in our time. The kind of relationship you look back on and think “Phew, I’m glad that’s over”.

If you think you haven’t gone out with a nut job, then you’re the nut job.