Anonymous asked:
We want suit pictures!!!!!!

Shall be done

As a grown man who refuses to let his teenage years end, I wear denim and leather with almost religious fervor. But you better fucking believe that if I have a chance to suit up I will fucking take it. 

Anonymous asked:
My boyfriend told me he wouldn't ever take me to prom because he doesn't like the idea. I've asked if he'd go only for a little and then we could go eat and do whatever else he wants but he is refusing. I was actually looking forward to it and I told him that and that it gives me a reason to feel like a princess (I know it sounds lame). I feel like being pissed and upset about this is kind of shallow since he doesn't want to go but it hurts that he do this for me. Am I a bitch for being mad?

Is that his only reason? Financial reasons I could understand, but this just sounds like a sulking little child to me. If he won’t take you, demand a decent reason. Get fucking mad, you are more than entitled to.

Anonymous asked:
Who are some of your favourite people to talk to from Tumblr?

Fucked if I know, they never come off anon.

The ones who do get added on skype.

More fans of Harry Potter should read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

All you need to know is that Harry Potter is the antichrist and he has a fight with God, whom is in the form of Mary Poppins.

Stupid Catholics.

Making all the pubs shit at midnight because it’s good Friday tomorrow.

What’s so fucking good about that!? Fuck the pope, I wanna drink.

SJWS: Getting Offended On The Behalf Of People Who Don’t Give A Shit

A day will come where the a lot of you will realize that you’re an entitled first world twat and that you will probably never leave the first world. I am hoping this day is today because sweet fucking Christ on a bike, I read some stupid fucking shit from you people.

Imagine you’re at a huge buffet with foods from all around the world. Now imagine there’s an asshole with a big stick who hits your hand every time you reach for a plate and says, “NO, eat your own damn country’s food”.

The tumblr SJW community. 

Anonymous asked:
Sorry we can't all be like you because you're so strong and all knowing.

People aren’t weak for having triggers. They’re weak because they can’t take responsibility for their problems. 

What, you think I don’t have shit? Maybe if I spammed people incessantly telling them to watch their language because it might hurt my feelings, would you think I had problems too? Oh wait, I don’t live in a fucking dream world and take care of my fucking business. 

Go live on the moon if you’re so sensitive, you fucking pussy.

Lately it has been stated that my dislike of catering towards people with triggers is due to a lack of empathy on my part. Actually, it is my complete refusal to take responsibility for people whom I have never fucking met and owe nothing to. Triggers are yours, they belong to you and as such are your responsibility to deal with, no one else’s. You do not get to lay your stupid fucking problems at the feet of others and demand they work on your behalf. You do not have that right, no one has that fucking right.

Deal with your shit, no one else will. If you can’t, fuck off and stay fucked off.

You really have to wonder about the entitled cunts in movements like greenpeace.  Telling everyone that GMO crops are essentially poison and telling 3rd world countries in grip of famine to turn down GMO crops with blatant fear mongering. Oh never mind the fact that every crop in this day and age is the result of crossbreeding and experimentation, starving people shouldn’t eat food that you find morally questionable for no aqueduct reason.

You know tumblr, it is incredibly easy to get high and mighty about food when you’re not hungry. 

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You're cool, you have to admit that. /You have to/.

Eh, maybe a little

You never really appreciate music more than when you’re on a crowded bus and you have no headphones.